I’ve baffled the doctor!!

Latest non-development in the Case of the Disappearing Periods.

Yesterday I anxiously waited for my 7:50pm appointment with the GP to get the results of my blood tests. My usual doctor (Dr A) is off taking some personal time, so for the last couple of appointment when I’ve gone for blood results I’ve seen Dr B (who is very nice).

The blood tests were for a whole host of things since, so far, PCOS, suspected Premature Ovarian Failure (POF/early menopause), and any obvious ovary/womb irregularities have been rule out by the investigations so far. So last week they took 3 tubes of blood to run 5 tests, and today I went for my results… everything came back normal.

Now, while this may initially sound like cause to jump up and down screaming “Yay! I’m normal!! :-)” I’m not.


You see, this means the doctor has no indication of what the hell is going on and causing this anovulation.

She’s baffled. SHe outright told me she’s not sure what the next investigation could be. She re-checked her purple book to see if there are any rare fertility-related side effects to the migraine and mood stabilization medications I take – there weren’t. She double and triple checked the result of all my blood tests over the last few months – definitely “normal”.

So, she’s going to have to consult Dr A when she’s next around next week and get her advice (Dr A is a GP but with a gynae background); then she’ll give me a call after they chat.

In the meantime she asked if I want to take a “try it and see” approach. We’re going to try and induce a bleed with progesterone and see if that re-sets things. So I rushed to a pharmacy and got my 10 Provera pills, I took the first one last night and the second this morning. Hopefully this will work and I’ll have a fake period within the next two weeks, and a real one a month later.

Watch this space!

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