Perinatal Mental Health

HappySad FaceSo, I’ve hinted/skimmed over this before but I have a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. Specifically Bipolar II which is characterised by mainly experiencing periods of depression, and a “milder” form of elevated mood called hypomania – not the full on mania people usually associated with Bipolar.

I’ve been stable for quite a few years now, but Bipolar is a “serious mental illness” (and comes under the psychosis category although I don’t consider myself “psychotic”!!), so it’s something that needs to be considered and managed through out the pre-conception period, pregnancy, and post-partum…
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Weigh in: 215


Just a quick weight update. I’m down roughly 4 lbs to 215lbs*. That’s a step in the right direction 👍- especially since I’ve been sticking to no eating plan whatsoever and really not done much exercise.

So…. I’m not going to be bikini ready for my vaycay next week but at least this loss is motivation. Not sure I’ll lose anything on holiday so my goal will be to not put on!

****That’s 15 st 9 lbs for my UK readers****

219!!! 😯😯😯😯

So for the first time in a long time I stepped on the scale this morning. OMG.

219lbs! (15st 9lbs). I can’t believe I’ve let myself get this heavy. I’ve put on around 10lbs since I started this blog. I’m 5′ 7″ so this weight puts me well into the “obese” category according to BMI (although I don’t think I look “obese” or as even very “big” – until i see photos).

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#DietFail !!!

I don’t think the whole “moderation” diet thing is going to work for me, despite my attempt to switch to “brown” carbs. I just have no will power when it comes to food! I know, I know it’s a cop out… but it’s true!

I think I’m going to have to go back to the ketogenic diet route. Somehow it’s just easier for me to give myself a very low carb allowance and just know there are things that I just cannot eat. Trying to only have a little bit doesn’t work… once I’ve had a taste I just CRAVE more. Continue reading