Re-starting the journey

I’m back! It’s been a very long time since I posted and so much has changed.

3 years ago I started this blog fearing that I wasn’t going to get to be a mama because my periods seemed to be disappearing. I knew how much I wanted a child and so I decided to go the Single Mum By Choice route. I then found out I have a defective uterus and didn’t go ahead with those plans. I tried to accept that I would probably never have kids.

As 2018 draws close to the end, I am in totally new circumstances “life-wise”. I left the UK for Spain (no kids, no ties – right?), and I ended up meeting someone who has made be hopeful that all I had given up on could be possible. The long and short of it is that me and my partner (I’ll think of a nickname for him later) have decided that, even though it might be a long and somewhat difficult journey, we are going to try and become parents.

So.. I’m still a wannabe mama and as of last month we officially start trying to conceive (TTC). So this blog is being re-kindled and, while it will still be a TTC blog, it’s not going to be a SMBC blog anymore.

Let’s see where this journey takes me now!!

Back story pt. 1: The case of the disappearing periods

Before I start rambling on about the things that are happening in the present I had better fill in the gaps with a bit of back story around how I ended up here…

In my last relationship I was really clear that I wanted to have a baby within the next couple of years and that was a deal breaker for me. The Boy (as he shall hereafter be known) was a couple of years younger than me and tried to convince me otherwise as he wasn’t ready yet (hence being a boy vs. a man); he had me considering it when something terrible reared its head… my periods started to disappear. Continue reading

Welcome to my world

Hello World!

Here I am, just shy of a month after my 33rd birthday, and I have made the bold and wonderful decision to become a “Single Mother By Choice” (SMBC) a.k.a “Choice Mum”.

This is a decision I have had in the back of my mind for years. I always wanted a family while I was young so I envisioned myself getting married and having kids in my mid-20s – 2, maybe 3 – and if that doesn’t work out I’ll go to a sperm bank or adopt a baby when I’m 30. I had it all planned out. But life doesn’t give a toss about what you have planned. So, when my mid-20s came and went, and that plan hadn’t worked out, I thought “no worries” I’ll just re-plan. I wasn’t ready to give up on the idea of a husband and happily ever after, so I decided to give myself more time “If I am still single at 35 then I’ll go to a sperm bank” (I felt adoption was ruled out by a medical condition but more on that later).

The part of my new plan I didn’t count on was my biological clock starting to tick so LOUDLY so early.
Continue reading