Ladies’ Night!!

All this week I’ve had insomnia. I thought I was coping well with the anovulation diagnosis. Everyone who asked “Are you stressed?” followed by “You know that can affect your periods right?” was met with a cheery “Nah! I’m OK. Obviously I’m a bit worried but I wasn’t  stressed when this started so stress can’t be the root cause”.

But I admit it, I am stressed.
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So apparently I’m a cold person…

I know you couldn't build a snowman at 36.2°C
I know… you couldn’t build a snowman at 36.2°C

The day I went to TBMP (The Baby Making Place) for my  AMH blood test I travelled all the way up into central London early on a Saturday morning plagued with weekend engineering works messing up the trains… only to be there for 15 minutes! So as I mosied on back down Regent Street towards Charing Cross I reached Piccadilly, and there welcoming me like the prodigal daughter was my spiritual home – the giant Waterstones.

This shop and I have spent so many hours together when I attended university and then worked in the area. I love it (because I love books) and it’s impossible to go in for just a few minutes because they have masses and masses of books about everything! So you know what’s coming next…

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