So apparently I’m a cold person…

I know you couldn't build a snowman at 36.2°C
I know… you couldn’t build a snowman at 36.2°C

The day I went to TBMP (The Baby Making Place) for my  AMH blood test I travelled all the way up into central London early on a Saturday morning plagued with weekend engineering works messing up the trains… only to be there for 15 minutes! So as I mosied on back down Regent Street towards Charing Cross I reached Piccadilly, and there welcoming me like the prodigal daughter was my spiritual home – the giant Waterstones.

This shop and I have spent so many hours together when I attended university and then worked in the area. I love it (because I love books) and it’s impossible to go in for just a few minutes because they have masses and masses of books about everything! So you know what’s coming next…

that’s right I couldn’t help myself, I was in there and straight up to the 2nd floor to cbeck out the pregnancy section. After a good browse I finally came away with a copy of What to Expect: Before You’re Expecting.

When I got home I eagerly started reading and also decided to make use of the “Fertility Planner” section at the back (set up for a year of preparing and trying to conceive) by starting to track my basal body temperature (BBT) in the mornings and get to understand my cycle and ovulation dates – this was before the “fertility MOT“.

And so now I finally get to the point of this post. I’m a COLD person. For years I’ve been lead to believe that “normal” body temperature it 37°C (98.6°F), but over the past few weeks my BBT has ranged from 36.1-36.5°C (96.98-97.7°F). I know it may not look much, but when it comes to body temperature 1 degree is a lot (think about a fever… 1 degree could be the difference between your brain frying or not!).

This has got me wondering if I’m normal and if it’s OK to be so cold. I know you take BBT in the morning before you start getting active, so that temperature is always going to be lower than later in the day, but the numbers I’m coming out with are right at the bottom of the chart.

The chart is in Fahrenheit and the scale goes from 96.9-99.0°F, so in UK terms thats 36.1-37.2°C. I did some googling and the “normal” range for a healthy adult is around 36.5-37.2°C. Hmmmmm….😕

I’ve always been someone who really “feels the cold”. I wear a cardigan or jacket when everyone else is in short sleeves; I put the heating on way before friends and family do in the autumn; partners have always complained that my feet are too cold in bed; and air conditioning is my nemesis. Basically if I’m not in direct sunlight I’m cold – kinda like a reptile.

I started shivering and feeling cold yesterday evening so I turned on the heating, put on extra layers and got under my blankie to watch TV. On a whim I also took my temperature  – 34.9  – indoors at 6pm. It was 36.2 when I woke up in the morning!

This is a bit of a random post but I thought I’d share since I’m now wondering if being so cold has anything to do with why my eggs don’t want to come out.

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