She came, but she didn’t stay


Aunt Flo has left the building  – already!!

After my BBT charting and OPK smiley face, cravings, bloated tummy and acne I was really hoping these were all signs that I was finally going to have a “real” period. I haven’t had a proper one since March, and totally skipped late-September and October. My GP induced a bleed in November and I was praying that this effectively pressed a “re-start” button for my hormones… no such luck 😢 Continue reading

Well hello Aunt Flo!

Micro-blog today… I have a visit from mother nature’s sister Aunt Flo!

It’s the first time she’s decided to show her face in 3 months so for once she’s actually welcome! I knew she was coming… the pimples, the sweets cravings, all the signs!

Now the main thing will be to see how long she sticks around (will this be a “proper” period), and whether she turns up again a month later… watch this space!

[Seriously though, watch this space a number of exciting “road to motherhood” things have happened in the last week and I haven’t had time to write about them – so more news soon!!]

Weigh in: 215


Just a quick weight update. I’m down roughly 4 lbs to 215lbs*. That’s a step in the right direction 👍- especially since I’ve been sticking to no eating plan whatsoever and really not done much exercise.

So…. I’m not going to be bikini ready for my vaycay next week but at least this loss is motivation. Not sure I’ll lose anything on holiday so my goal will be to not put on!

****That’s 15 st 9 lbs for my UK readers****

Smiley face!!

So for the last 3 days my morning routine has been to wake up and POAS (fertility forum speak for pee on a stick). Following my “breakthrough” last weekend I’ve been impatient to know what’s been going on inside my body. I called Dr A last Monday to see if we were going to try and monitor my hormones and see if looked like I was going to ovulate and have a “normal” cycle, but her response was to wait and see.


That’s all I’ve been doing for the past couple of months, and there will be plenty more of that to come once I start TTC in earnest! As you have probably guessed by now I’m no good at waitingContinue reading

219!!! 😯😯😯😯

So for the first time in a long time I stepped on the scale this morning. OMG.

219lbs! (15st 9lbs). I can’t believe I’ve let myself get this heavy. I’ve put on around 10lbs since I started this blog. I’m 5′ 7″ so this weight puts me well into the “obese” category according to BMI (although I don’t think I look “obese” or as even very “big” – until i see photos).

Continue reading