I think I’ve had a breakthrough!


I think the Norethisterone did and trick and I finally had a breakthrough/withdrawal “bleed” on Saturday!
I say “bleed” in quotes because it was brown (presumably old blood since I’ve just had a 74 day “cycle”) and it was light so not sure if it’s really a full on bleed as expected. It only lasted one day and by late afternoon it was only spotting, but that’s how my last 3 periods were before they dried up. I knew from my scans in September that I’d had a very thin endometrium so I guess it didn’t grow any further.

I’m speaking to my GP later, but for now I’m happy that this is the breakthrough I’d been waiting for, and hopeful that this will restart my natural cycles with sufficient hormone level for the periods to not be ridiculously light.

Of course, if my normal 26 day cycle  (or a standard 28 days) does come back it means I’ll be on my period when I go on my long awaited beach holiday next month! 😉

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