Smiley face!!

So for the last 3 days my morning routine has been to wake up and POAS (fertility forum speak for pee on a stick). Following my “breakthrough” last weekend I’ve been impatient to know what’s been going on inside my body. I called Dr A last Monday to see if we were going to try and monitor my hormones and see if looked like I was going to ovulate and have a “normal” cycle, but her response was to wait and see.


That’s all I’ve been doing for the past couple of months, and there will be plenty more of that to come once I start TTC in earnest! As you have probably guessed by now I’m no good at waiting Since the day of the bleed I started a new cycle on Fertility Friend (yes, I’m into that now!) and I’ve been temping in earnest at 6am “every” day (weekends are hard – you understand, right?). Tracking your basal body temperature can tell you when you’ve ovulated, but it can’t tell you if you’re about to ovulate which is what I really wanted to know. So I had the ingenious idea to head to Boots and buy an advanced Ovulation Predictor Kit – the advanced part is important as it tracks oestrogen as well as LH which means it shows “high” as well as “peak” fertility – a.k.a earlier notice that ovulation may be coming.

The first couple of days I tested I got a “low” fertility indicator and I started to get a little worried since I started testing on CD8, since my natural cycle was generally 26 days I would expect to ovulate around CD11 or CD12… seeing that little empty circle on the reader made my little heart start to sink as I’d been so hoping for a flashing smiley faced “high” reading.

Then yesterday morning I woke up, made my bleary-eyed way to the loo and did my morning tinkle. I hopped in the shower to pass the 5 minutes waiting time, and when I got out…


Big ol’ smiley face! Not even flashing – it was showing “peak” fertility. Imminent ovulation!

Whoop whoop! I was doing a happy dance for so long I made myself late getting ready for work! 🙂 🙂

This morning I woke up and took my temperature as usual – it has jumped from 36.21 to 36.55 (Celsius). It looked like I had my LH surge and ovulated on the same day (CD11). Now I’m just hoping this higher temperature sticks around for the next 3 days (at least) to confirm ovulation*. The I can look forward to AF turning up in time to be gone by the time I head of on my hols.


[*For Info: Progesterone increases after ovulation and this makes your temperature higher]

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