She came, but she didn’t stay


Aunt Flo has left the building  – already!!

After my BBT charting and OPK smiley face, cravings, bloated tummy and acne I was really hoping these were all signs that I was finally going to have a “real” period. I haven’t had a proper one since March, and totally skipped late-September and October. My GP induced a bleed in November and I was praying that this effectively pressed a “re-start” button for my hormones… no such luck 😢

Although yesterday I got a spontaneous bleed it only lasted an afternoon and was light enough to be “managed” with a panty liner…. so not a real period after all.

I’m feeling incredibly let down and frustrated. I had a chat with Dr B at the fertility clinic last Friday  (more on that later) and I got the impression he was skeptical about my periods returning full force… it seems like he knew something I didn’t  (which is good when you think about it since he’s the doctor 😉).

So, it seems it will definitely require ovarian stimulation to get Operation Baby moving forward. This just strengthens my resolve to get things going sooner rather than later… it’s bad enough having ovaries and an endometrium that refuse to behave, I don’t want to hang around and have to add age-related issues into the mix.

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