Watching and waiting – late ovulation?

Is she coming?
Is she coming?

I have spent my weekend on tenderhooks waiting and wondering whether Aunt Flo is going to grace me with her presence this cycle (well technically to start a new cycle).

She was officially due on Sunday, but since my cycles range from 24-26 days I was looking out for her any day from Friday. I know when you’re waiting for something and watching for it like a hawk it takes ages (“a watched kettle never  boils”), but following my appointment with the doc a week ago I have forms here for 6 blood tests to be done on CD2. I’m not a massive fan of walk-in clinics so I tried to be pro-active by booking appoints for Saturday and this morning (if Sunday had been CD2 I’d just have to have tested CD3). So of course…nothing!

P Tracker 28 Sept 15.jpgI’m now officially 1 day late which is not really a big deal, but I had suspicions that AF wouldn’t be coming. My ultrasound scans had already indicated that I hadn’t ovulated around CD11-13  as expected. But over the last few days a new phenomenon has occurred – writing a post about being a “cold person” must have triggered something (the universe proving me wrong perhaps) because from Friday my temperature has spiked.

So now I’m wondering what on Earth is going on and if my body was playing tricks on my just because it knew I was going to be scanned at ovulation time. Could it be that anovulation is not my problem, and this one cycle is just an extra long one so my follicles were still growing when I was scanned? Could it be that my temperature has spiked because we’ve finally turned on the heating in the house and I’m also sleeping in more substantial PJs? I’m so confused!

For now I guess I’ll keep watching and waiting to see what happens. If AF hasn’t shown up by Wednesday (CD30) then I’ll call the doc for my progesterone test result and see if she wants me to just go and get the other blood tests anyway.

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