Ladies’ Night!!

All this week I’ve had insomnia. I thought I was coping well with the anovulation diagnosis. Everyone who asked “Are you stressed?” followed by “You know that can affect your periods right?” was met with a cheery “Nah! I’m OK. Obviously I’m a bit worried but I wasn’t  stressed when this started so stress can’t be the root cause”.

But I admit it, I am stressed.

Not being able to sleep seems to be how this stress manifested itself, and I ended up having to ask the doc for some pharmaceutical assistance. It has helped and my “body clock” now remembers it’s supposed to sleep at night and be awake in the day, not vice versa!

Clearly I need to let off some steam. Chill out and not think about anovulation, infertility problems, or Trying to Conceive. So tonight I’m going out!!!! Yay!!! It’s been ages since I’ve got dressed up and headed to a big club night with a gal pal. I’m going to dance my a** off and leave my troubles behind. ☺  ☺

Time to get glammed up!

P.S. Do you like my outfit?

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