Results are in! Pt 1.

This won’t be a long post. I just wanted to keep you updated on what’s happening with the investigations into “The Case of the Disappearing Periods”.

My GP ordered a slew of blood tests following my ultrasound scans that indicated anovulation (no ovulation). I went for a progesterone blood test 7 days after ovulation was supposed to have occured, since a progesterone test can be used to confirm whether ovulation did/did not occur.

The GP also gave me the forms to go and get blood tests on CD2 to check my levels of:

  • FSH
  • LH
  • Estradiol
  • Prolactin

Plus thyroid function and a full blood count.

Well, CD2 has not arrived. the last “period” I got had dwindled down to less than half a day of bleeding. This month no bleeding showed up over the weekend when I was expecting it – although I had a suspicion I might not bleed, because no ovulation means no period (if you do bleed without ovulating it’s usually a breakthrough/withdrawal bleed from a change in hormones, not a “real” period). But, just to be optimistic I decided to wait it out and see if anything happened a few days late.

Today being CD30 I figured nothing was going to happen I decided to call for the progesterone test results, and to ask if I should still go for the other tests even though I’ve had no period.

And the results are… progesterone 3nmol/L. Basically I didn’t ovulate. By a week after ovulation (and a week before your period is due) “good” levels if you’re hoping to get pregnant and have the uterine lining thick enough and “healthy enough” for the embryo to implant, are >30nmol/L. Compare that with my measly 3 and you can see just how far away I am from having a normal level. In fact, when I phoned for my result they said I had to come and see the GP; the results form back from the lab said “Serum progesterone – discuss at next consult – abnormal result“. Boo 😦 The result of having not ovulated wasn’t a surprise, but I was shocked the level was so low and bummed to have yet another problem confirmed.

I asked the GP if it was worth doing the other tests or try and wait to see if a period ever showed up so I could do them CD2. She advised me to get them done now because we need to figure out why my “periods are disappearing”. It was so funny that she used those words considering I use the exact same ones to myself! and they really have disappeared now, they’ve got shorter and shorter since April and they’ve now totally dried up.

I went straight to a phlebotomy clinic and gave away 3 vials of blood.

This sucks!

[OK, the post ended up linger than I’d planned! Lol!]

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