Everything is brown…

So Monday morning I started the second part of my health-kick healthy lifestyle change – eating more healthily.

In the past I have tried Weight Watchers at least 5 times, and in 2014 I managed to drop 26lbs (nearly 2 stone) on Atkins. I found that the no carbs thing worked better for me than trying to limit calories; I’m just not good at moderation and it was great to be on a diet where I could eat “as much as I want” and still have yummy fatty foods (Burgers? Yep. Foods cooked with oils/butter? Yep. Salad dressings? Yep). Why is everything nice either full of sugar or fat?. Once I taste something yummy I don’t want to limit myself to a tiny portion; it’s much easier for me to just set certain things as off limits and let them nowhere near my taste buds.

Earlier this year a group of friends and I decided we were going to go a bit more extreme and try a popular Very Low Calorie Diet, of which the first stage consisted of only their shakes/soups 3 times per day. I was dubious as to whether I’d be able to stick with a no food diet, so I was please when the consultant told me that, due to existing health conditions, I wouldn’t be able to do the very low calorie version of the diet, and would have to eat 1 small meal at dinner. Upon further consultation with the company’s medical department that actually got upped to 1500 calories per day from 3 small meals, but if I got GP approval I could go down to 1200 calories per day. My GP said no.

One of the health conditions I deal with is a form of bipolar disorder (“Bipolar II”) that is characterised by episodes of depression , and hypomania (not the full on no-inhibition of full blown mania, but an increase in energy and “goal directed activity” – someone who didn’t know the sufferer well wouldn’t realise anything was “wrong”). My GP didn’t approve of being on a “fad” diet as dieting can affect mood – lifestyle management is a big part of treating Bipolar and staying well, not getting enough food and a strict dieting regime might be result in unstable blood sugar levels and that could have negative consequences. So she said if I want to lose weight she would support me to learn to eat more healthily and use a balance diet to start losing weight.

Switching to wholemeal
Switching to wholemeal

So that’s the path I’m now on. I have read many times that “wholegrain” versions of popular carbohydrate sources are much better for managing blood sugar and making a more balanced diet. So I decided I’d start there – this week I made the switch to brown.

I’m usually a microwave meals kind of girl. I blame “busyness”, being too tired to cook after work, and the “difficulty” of shopping and cooking for one (why does everything come to serve 2 or serve 4, and need to be used within 2 days once opened?). However, all of that will have to change once Baby comes so I’d better start now! So I’ve bought food that actually needs cooking, some cuts of meat and:

  • Brown rice
  • Brown pasta
  • Brown bread (well, bagels -yes, toasting counts as cooking 😉 )
PB only on one half - so healthy!!
PB only on one half – so healthy!!

Eating breakfast is another thing I need to get used to (default excuse: I get up too early on work days to eat before leaving the house at 6:45, and I wake up too late on weekends so I miss breakfast) so I started out with the bagels. I was a bit apprehensive as to whether wholemeal was going to taste funny but, while there was a distinct difference in taste and texture, it was fine. I just hope it goes as well with the rice and pasta.

**BTW – not leaving you hanging, I’ll write more about the Bipolar another time as obviously it’s a big deal when deciding to be a SMBC**

5 thoughts on “Everything is brown…

  1. When I was single I used to bulk cook and freeze – then you have proper tasty and healthy frozen ready meals! You can buy those foil trays that takeaways usually come in, in the supermarket. Curries, chilli, spag bol, casseroles etc, all good for you 🙂

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    1. Yep. I am trying to freeze some prepared single portions of meat. I only have a small ice box though, not a proper freezer.
      I didn’t know you could buy those foil take way containers. That’s a good tip!


  2. I’m doing the “keto diet” right now actually, it’s the very low carb I eat 21 grams of carbs a day, high fat, moderate protein. Lots of doctors are soo against it but because they haven’t researched it they just hear low carb and say no. I know everyone’s different and low carb doesn’t work for lots but for me it’s the only thing, I lost 25 pounds January to March and then got off track because I went to Disney world haha luckily didn’t gain it back but I’m back on track to losing another 30 to be healthy to carry a baby. I feel much better when I cut out carbs (not veggie carbs). Good luck I’m sure you will do great, it sure helps to have a big goal to help stick with it 🙂


    1. Hi, yep that’s pretty much what Atkins is – 20g carbs per day to start all from veggies! I lost 26lbs in 3 months then stopped because I went on holiday, and it was then a NIGHTMARE trying to get back on track!
      Good luck with it. I’m going to try just “watching what I eat” but I’m already finding it really hard to track all food and drink… Atkins is calling my name!


      1. Yes it’s very similar to Atkins! It’s taken me since March to get my butt back at it (tried smaller portions of healthier food but was to hard sticking to it) was able to maintain where I’m at but need to lose this last 30 pounds and I’ve only had results (weight,inches&energy) from keto.


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