Back story pt. 1: The case of the disappearing periods

Before I start rambling on about the things that are happening in the present I had better fill in the gaps with a bit of back story around how I ended up here…

In my last relationship I was really clear that I wanted to have a baby within the next couple of years and that was a deal breaker for me. The Boy (as he shall hereafter be known) was a couple of years younger than me and tried to convince me otherwise as he wasn’t ready yet (hence being a boy vs. a man); he had me considering it when something terrible reared its head… my periods started to disappear.

I have always been like clockwork for the past few years, not the induced clockwork you get when you’re on the pill but my natural cycle was just regular. I decided to come off hormonal contraceptives somewhere between 3 and 5 years ago because I had been on them since I was 16 and felt that my body needed a break; so I got a copper coil (IUD) happily thinking this would be fine until I got married and decided to have a baby (because obviously that was going to happen soon). Since 2013 I have tracked my periods on an app (aptly named Period Tracker) so I wouldn’t get caught by surprise, and it has become so accurate with predicting my period start date it’s uncanny.

So… April 2015, after months of anticipation I took a trip to Australia to catch up with a high school friend I hadn’t seen in years. On the day my period was due, as expected, while I was out shopping I went to the loo and there was Aunt Flo waving hello. By the time we got home and I went to change the pad I realised there wasn’t much there, a bit of spotting on the first day is usual for me and then things properly kick in on day 2. So I thought nothing of it. The next morning there was nothing! And so it went on for the next 2 days, a bjt of spotting in the afternoons but nothing overnight or in the morning except a little pinkishness when I wiped myself after a wee.

By day 4 I was convinced something was wrong.  usually have a light CD1, heavy CD2, spotting on CD3 and then it’s all over…so by day 4 of this on again off again business Iwas convinced something was wrong. Maybe I was pregnant,  or maybe I had been pregnant but I was having a very early miscarriage. So I paranoidly got a pregnancy test, and (as my friend told me it would be) it was negative. I then turned to Google to  check whether international travel could upset your monthly cycle. It turns out it can, so I chalked the expeience up to that and made the most of the rest of my holiday.

Ì tried to put it out of my mind, but when May came around the same thing happened but for only 3 days this time. Then in June the same thing but over 2 days. I went to the family planning clinic and it turned out my coil was sitting too low, so they took it out. I figured that must be it and waited to see what July would bring… it brought 2 days spotting. (To be continued…)

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