Back story pt. 2: Investigating the disappearance of Aunt Flo

I’d taken a HPT in Australia in April, I took one at the family planning clinic in June (when they removed my coil), and the The Boy and I then  broke up a couple of weeks after that (with no getting jiggy since before the coil came out); I definitely wasn’t pregnant so I  was starting to become a little worried the Aunt Flo seemed to be on some kind of extended vacation.

I had also started to see other “symptoms” that might indicate my worst nightmare Premature Ovarian Failure (*insert scary music of doom here… dun, dun, duuuuunnnnn*). I’d experienced some dryness around my lady parts,  little soreness when having sex, lost interest in sex (I’d thought jt was because I’d gone off The Boy, but what if it was worse than that?), and I was sure I was getting hairier. So I went to the GP. The locum I saw suggested I take another pregnancy test, and at my prompting said she’d check for hormonal imbalance.

So I waited for AF, and she popped her head up for a day in July then promptly left again. Thinking surely this was just a hormone imbalance I dutifully went to have some blood tests on CD3 – they drew blood to test levels of Luteinising Hormone (LH), FollicleStimulating Hormone (FSH), Testosterone, Sex Binding Hormone Globulin (SBHG), and Androgens.

Since splitting up with The Boy, my 33rd birthday approaching, and my realisation that I couldn’t go into another relationship without  baby-making by age 35 agenda I was, at this point, seriously considering the SMBC choice. I was making a plan to buy a house next year, then have a baby the following year…nice and neat within my motherhood by age 35 target (has anyone guessed yet that I’m a Project Manager?).  POF would scupper these plans so I was particularly keen to see the LH and FSH test results at they’d give me the first glimpse of what my fertility was currently looking like.

A week later I went back to the GP to get the results and everything was normal. You’d think I’d be relieved to get this good news, but I was just baffled. If all my hormones were normal where was AF? Had my coil damaged my uterus or something? The GP I was seeing advised me to book an appointment with my main doctor (Dr A) as she’s trained as a gynaecologist and would be able to tell me where we could go from here to find out what was up.

2 weeks later (yes, the wait for appointments is that long at my surgery) I went to see Dr A. She told me that if my periods are so scanty that means the lining of my uterus isn’t shedding properly and she’d need to book me a transvaginal ultrasound at the hospital so they could have a look any check for any “abnormalities” (cysts, fibroids and the like). I asked how come my tests has come back normal and she said it’s possible to have normal levels but not be ovulating  (who knew?!).  She did a  quick pelvic exam and felt my stomach – she said it didn’t feel like there were fibroids but the ultrasound would tell us more.

So I went home and the next day AF showed up for half a day, then left leaving me to wait for an appointment for the ultrasound, which got booked for 15th September – 6 weeks away!!!

4 thoughts on “Back story pt. 2: Investigating the disappearance of Aunt Flo

  1. Ouch, there’s nothing worse than having to wait ages for doctor’s appointments when you are terrified that something is wrong. I feel for you. Are things alright now?


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