Booking a Fertility MOT

Wannabe Mama - MOT TIME
Wannabe Mama – MOT TIME

I’m not the most patient person in the world and once I get an idea into my head it’s all systems go with researching and planning its execution ; so since I’d decided that I was serious about Operation Baby I decided to jump right in and start finding out my options.

I called and emailed around some the of London fertility clinics I’d found on Google to gather some information on treatment and prices. One, hereafter known as The Baby Making Place  (TBMP), invited me to an information session they were holding on donor conception aimed at single women and lesbian couples – just what I needed – so I dragged my friend L  along. At the end of the session they offered a discount on initial consultations so I decided to make an appointment for a Fertility MOT

since going via a private clinic would be quicker and more in depth than the NHS ultrasound I was waiting for.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with an MOT it’s the test that all cars in the UK over 3 years old have to pass annually to make sure everything is working as it should be and the car is safe to be on the road. So in a fertility sense this consultation would give me an idea how  many miles I had on the clock, how much fuel I have in my tank, and whether my bits were still roadworthy (a fitting metaphor since I’m now blogging about my journey to motherhood).

In proper terms it meant they’d test my AMH level to check my egg reserve, and perform an ultrasound to take a look at my uterus and ovaries to make sure everything looks as it should, and do an antral follicle count. They would also take into consideration the results from the day 3 LH and FSH tests done by my GP. Using all of this information they’d be able to give me an idea of my fertility and what kind of treatment plan they’d recommend  (and what it would probably cost!).

It turns out the dates they had available meant the consultation would only be a few days before my NHS ultrasound, but it was still worth it as the scan and analysis of blood test results would be more comprehensive as they’d be looking at my overall fertility  (not just fibroids/cysts) and I’d get an idea of what treatment I should be planning for. It would also take place over the weekend I’d be ovulating which would be helpful.

So I paid for the consultation then L  and I went to have a bit of lunch and a glass of wine to toast me taking my first real step towards motherhood.

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