Everything is brown…

So Monday morning I started the second part of my health-kick healthy lifestyle change – eating more healthily.

In the past I have tried Weight Watchers at least 5 times, and in 2014 I managed to drop 26lbs (nearly 2 stone) on Atkins. I found that the no carbs thing worked better for me than trying to limit calories; I’m just not good at moderation and it was great to be on a diet where I could eat “as much as I want” and still have yummy fatty foods (Burgers? Yep. Foods cooked with oils/butter? Yep. Salad dressings? Yep). Why is everything nice either full of sugar or fat?. Once I taste something yummy I don’t want to limit myself to a tiny portion; it’s much easier for me to just set certain things as off limits and let them nowhere near my taste buds.
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Getting healthy for Operation Baby – supplements

When I saw my GP to green light Operation Baby we discussed my being in optimum health as the most important thing to focus on before TTC. In my mind there are 3 parts to that:

  1. Lose weight via. a healthy balanced diet (current BMI 31 – need to get to 25)
  2. Make sure I’m getting all the vitamins & minerals I need up to optimal baby-making levels
  3. Relax! Try to keep stress levels down

Vitamin containers.jpgPoint 1 is going to be discussed on this blog at length since losing weight is going to be the hardest and take the longest, so I thought I’d start off with a post about the first active (and quickest!) step I’ve taken… choosing my vitamin supplements…
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