It’s so nice to be supported (GP visit)

I had a great appointment with my GP last Friday morning.

The fertility clinic at the NHS ACU had said they’d need a letter of support from my GP/mental health team as part of the “welfare of the child assessment” so I went to speak to my GP about it.

I saw Dr A (whom I’ve not caught up with in a while, so that was nice) and I told her about my decision to stay on my mood stabiliser and why, and the support I’ll have at home. Her response was that she’s always found me to be accepting of my Bipolar, and logical and responsible in my decision making so she sees no reason why I shouldn’t go forward in my plans. She said they’ll support me 100% throughout the trying to conceive process and pregnancy , and she’s happy to write a letter to that effect.

She’s also going to write to Perinatal Mental health for a letter of support from them too.

Yay! ☺☺☺

As much as I gripe and moan about the difficulty of getting an appointment  (this one had to be booked 3 weeks in advance, luckily I’m not actually sick!!), I do have one of the best GP surgeries. I’ve never had any problems getting tests or referrals I need, and they are very supportive of my mental health condition.

In other news, things have been quiet with Operation Baby. I’ve been waiting for a couple of appointments  (via NHS so it took a couple of months) and focusing on weight loss.

I haven’t forgotten that I owe a post on how I chose my “baby daddy” (donor) so watch this space.

2 thoughts on “It’s so nice to be supported (GP visit)

  1. A friend of mine has mental health issues and she had great treatment from the NHS in pregnancy, including having one midwife who was assigned to her throughout (so she wouldn’t have anxiety at not knowing who she’d have on the day of the birth), and ongoing support to come off her meds during pregnancy. They also checked up on her more often once the baby was born. That was in London – hopefully you’ll have a positive experience as she has done.


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