#DietFail !!!

I don’t think the whole “moderation” diet thing is going to work for me, despite my attempt to switch to “brown” carbs. I just have no will power when it comes to food! I know, I know it’s a cop out… but it’s true!

I think I’m going to have to go back to the ketogenic diet route. Somehow it’s just easier for me to give myself a very low carb allowance and just know there are things that I just cannot eat. Trying to only have a little bit doesn’t work… once I’ve had a taste I just CRAVE more.

So, let’s try this. Not full on stage 1 of Atkins (only 20g carbs per day), but low enough to get into ketosis (using fat for fuel rather than carbs) so let’s say 50g carbs per day (200 calories) and then try to stay under 1200 calories in total (from protein and fat). On some days I may go up to 100g carbs as a treat, but only once I’m in ketosis.

I’ll gradually reintroduce more carbs as I approach my goal weight. I have around 50lbs to loose so it’ll be a while.

Right… I’m off to digest this mega curry and snacks that I just had, and dig out my Ketostix for tomorrow.


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