Still waiting…

Day 3 post-provera and no sign of AF yet. I know it may take 7 days after stopping the pills (and for some it takes a bit longer), but I’m so anxious to see if it has worked!

My GP has now officially put in a referral to Gynaecology at my local hospital, and she’s said I should go regardless of whether AF turns up or not, but I don’t know if I can wait that long before I know if our attempt to “kick start” my system is working.

I’m thinking of ringing the GP surgery and seeing if she’ll give me forms to repeat that Day 2 hormone tests (assuming AF does turn up and I have a Day 2) and the Day 21 progesterone test. I just have a feeling a gynae appointment will be more than a month away. I hope I’m wrong!

2 thoughts on “Still waiting…

  1. Can I give you some advice? This whole process is full of waiting, some of the waiting is much harder than the other waiting, and the more waiting you do, the more difficult and tiresome it becomes. Give yourself a break at this investigative stage, otherwise you’ll end up an old hag like me, with only one round of IVF under your belt and fed up and tired of it all. Be kind to yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

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