It’s a waiting game

It feels so weird not to have posted in almost a week. When I started blogging I had so much to say in order to give my backstory, and because I was going through various investigations.

Now it’s gone all quiet because I’m waiting…. and waiting… and waiting to see if Aunt Flo is going to turn up. I have 2 more days on Provera (progesterone) after today and the bleed is supposed to come once I stop taking it (although I’ve had a teeeeeeny bit of brown spotting the last few days).

I’m also waiting for the doctor to call me back. If you remember, Dr B was stumped last week after all my hormone level tests came back normal, and she wanted to consult with the other doctors at the surgery – in particular Dr A who’s trained in gynaecology. The weekly “practice meeting” takes place on Wednesday afternoons so hopefully I’ll get a call from her tomorrow.

In the meantime…back to waiting…


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