A follicle!!

Happy happy happy!!! I had a HyCoSy and Aquascan today and I have a mature follicle! A nice juicy 19.5mm on CD12. This means that despite my periods still only lasting part of a day, it looks like ovulation has returned! And my tubes are clear! Yay!!!! ☺😊☺😊

On another, not so great, note… They found an endometiral polyp/adhesion though so that needs checking out and removing… so I doubt I’ll be doing my first IUI in Feb as I’d hoped… but that’s OK. If need be it gives me more time to save up and lose a bit more weight before officially TTC.

And when the time comes I may actually be able to try unmedicated cycles (if my endometrium thickness improves… I have a mature follicle but my uterine lining is thinner than “normal” and I think I have a short Luteal phase). I’ve had another set of positive readings on the OPKs this week and the scan confirmed that the test seems to be accurate so fingers crossed my cycle gets regular again.

Anyhoo…. I’d better not get ahead of myself… Let’s see how the consultation at ACU goes tomorrow…

She came, but she didn’t stay


Aunt Flo has left the building  – already!!

After my BBT charting and OPK smiley face, cravings, bloated tummy and acne I was really hoping these were all signs that I was finally going to have a “real” period. I haven’t had a proper one since March, and totally skipped late-September and October. My GP induced a bleed in November and I was praying that this effectively pressed a “re-start” button for my hormones… no such luck 😒 Continue reading

Smiley face!!

So for the last 3 days my morning routine has been to wake up and POAS (fertility forum speak for pee on a stick). Following my “breakthrough” last weekend I’ve been impatient to know what’s been going on inside my body. I called Dr A last Monday to see if we were going to try and monitor my hormones and see if looked like I was going to ovulate and have a “normal” cycle, but her response was to wait and see.


That’s all I’ve been doing for the past couple of months, and there will be plenty more of that to come once I start TTC in earnest! As you have probably guessed by now I’m no good at waitingContinue reading

…The anticlimax

So sorry for leaving you hanging! I finally had the gynae appointment last week and it was a little bit of a roller coaster of a day, I needed some time to wind down and process afterwards, and then things got busy with work…but I’m back with my update although to be honest it’s a bit of an anticlimax.

I went to Guy’s Hospital in London for the appointment and I was pleased that I had an early appointment before the clinic had a change to start running late. The appointment letter had said to allow up to 3 hours as they’d try and do any investigations on the day if they could, so I dragged my mum along to keep me company, but I didn’t end up being there anywhere near that long Continue reading