Possibly changing clinic

I really like the atmosphere at the private Harley Street clinic (a.k.a “The Baby Making Place” or TBMP) I’ve been to so far however, it’s pricey and it’s not really conveniently located from my office. Since I’m going for stimulated cycles I’m going to need monitoring via ultrasound scans and inevitably some of these will fall on work days. Because of this I think it is more practical to chose a clinic that’s nearer to work.

There’s a big NHS hospital very close to my office (which also happens to be the hospital where I was born!!) and they have an Assisted Conception Unit (ACU). Their prices are lower than TBMP – on the procedural side it’s not a massive difference per treatment, but after a few cycles the significance of that “small” amount increases dramatically.
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I’m back! (Happy New Year) and choosing a donor part 1

First of all let me wish all my readers a happy. healthy, and prosperous 2016! This is going to be a big year for me and I’m so excited (and a little bit scared!)

Anyhoo – I’ve taken quite a long break from the blog over the pre-Christmas, Christmas and New Year period. I went on my much anticipated trip to México and Florida and it was AWESOME 🙂 This was (hopefully) my “last hurrah” as a childless person so I made the most of the sun, clubs and tequila in Playa del Carmen and Canún. wp-1452244501027.jpg
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She came, but she didn’t stay


Aunt Flo has left the building  – already!!

After my BBT charting and OPK smiley face, cravings, bloated tummy and acne I was really hoping these were all signs that I was finally going to have a “real” period. I haven’t had a proper one since March, and totally skipped late-September and October. My GP induced a bleed in November and I was praying that this effectively pressed a “re-start” button for my hormones… no such luck 😢 Continue reading

Operation Baby

Keen to get started!

Last week I had my NHS ultrasound  (still no signs of ovulation) and then went to see my GP to discuss the results of the consultation at the private fertility clinic. In the 5 days between the fertility clinic consultation and seeing my GP I’d been doing some serious thinking about whether this really is the time to go ahead with “Operation Baby”.

I’d always said that I wanted to TTC before I got to an age where I’d be likely to need medical intervention, whether that be conceiving with a partner or through donor insemination, hence I’d had age 35 in mind as the “cut off”. Having just turned 33 I’d been thinking I’d probably try to get a deposit together to buy a house/flat next year, spend a few months settling in, and then TTC just before or just after 35. I’d never imagined that medical intervention, actual fertility treatment, would be required at age 33. But here I am faced with that exact situation.

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Welcome to my world

Hello World!

Here I am, just shy of a month after my 33rd birthday, and I have made the bold and wonderful decision to become a “Single Mother By Choice” (SMBC) a.k.a “Choice Mum”.

This is a decision I have had in the back of my mind for years. I always wanted a family while I was young so I envisioned myself getting married and having kids in my mid-20s – 2, maybe 3 – and if that doesn’t work out I’ll go to a sperm bank or adopt a baby when I’m 30. I had it all planned out. But life doesn’t give a toss about what you have planned. So, when my mid-20s came and went, and that plan hadn’t worked out, I thought “no worries” I’ll just re-plan. I wasn’t ready to give up on the idea of a husband and happily ever after, so I decided to give myself more time “If I am still single at 35 then I’ll go to a sperm bank” (I felt adoption was ruled out by a medical condition but more on that later).

The part of my new plan I didn’t count on was my biological clock starting to tick so LOUDLY so early.
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