Growth update (monitored cycle pt 1)


So, I’ve been on a cocktail of estrogen and aspirin for 2 weeks now, and been to ACU for 2 scans.

Mr E (my consultant) is happy with progress so far…

I started the meds on CD2 (8mg estrogen and 75mg aspirin per day) and had the first scan on CD8. My endometrium measured between 3 and 3.5 mm – this was “encouraging”. Slightly smaller than would be hoped for but there was development so that’s a good thing.

The next scan was on CD 13 – around the time when I’d normally be ovulating. In a real cycle this is when we’d be looking for a plump lining in preparation for the IUI. Mine was 4.9mm. I thought this was low, but the doc was happy. The lining had grown in the 5 days since the last scan and was showing the “tripple layer” that’s apparently quite important for implantation.

Mr E told me to add in estrogen patches (they release 100 micrograms per day) and come back for a scan this coming Sunday (CD 21). Hopefully this will show further growth. Mr E said if we get past 5mm on this scan then we can seriously talk sperm and IUI. Yay!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

5mm is still thin, but I guess what this monitored cycle shows is that I respond to being given extra estrogen; so he could start the doses higher in a real IUI cycle.

To end this monitored cycle I’m going to have to take progesterone to induce a bleed, as taking the extra estrogen from the start of my cycle has blocked ovulation. This means that if when(!!) I go for IUI it’s going to have to be a full on medicated cycle as they will have to induce ovulation. Eek! I really hope they can do it with pills, I’m so scared of the idea of injecting myself! 😯

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