A ray of hope

Just a quick update… I had another scan at ACU on Monday so Dr E could have a mid-cycle baseline measurement of my endometrium.

There was a “lovely” follicle ready to ovulate so that should have been “kicking out” a good amount of estrogen to grow my lining. Sadly the lining only measured 4.5mm (should have been 8+). Obviously I’m now used to this so I took that in my stride.
What’s really going to matter is whether the lining grows better next cycle with the additional estrogen and baby asprin (and maybe Viagra).

Dr E said he’s optimistic, but at the same time doesn’t want to give me false hope. On the monitored cycle he wants to get the lining to at least 7mm (maybe 6.5) for it to worth while for me to bring over some sperm and try a real cycle.

The thing that had been worrying me since my last visit was the fact that Dr E had mentioned that if I got pregnant it would be high risk. I wanted to know more about that, so I asked him what exactly the risk was. He told me that it’s a risk of Placental Insufficiency because the lining wouldn’t be thick enough to support thw growth of the placenta and/or pass along enough nutrients etc to the baby.

I asked if that risk would go away if we get my lining to grow… and he said yes! Well as close to a yes as you’re likely to get from a doctor… he said it would always be “in the back of our minds” but the risk would be reduced and the obstetricians qould look out for it. So the real danger would be if I got pregnant while the lining was still too thin; e.g. if I went out and “got lucky” and accidentally got pregnant with things as they are now. The chances of that are a big fat ZERO so I feel relieved on that front.

It all comes down to what happens next cycle. If we grow the lining then I can plan to start TTC in earnest in August  (once I’ve dropped some more weight). Until then all I can do is keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

One thought on “A ray of hope

  1. Well that sounds like progress, right? It’s so frustrating trying to find out new bits of information… Any new info is great in my book! I hope that this is all looking up for you. X

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