It didn’t work 😭 (monitored cycle pt 2)

What a difference 13 days can make… or not.

In the last 2 weeks the lining of my uterus has grown by measly 0.6mm.

Despite having added in the estrogen patches on top of the pills and aspirin, my CD21 scan did not go well last Sunday. I’d got to 5.5mm so over 5, but still below the 6 that would be the minimum to go ahead in a real cycle (i.e. with insemination). Mr E had expected more and this should have been the last scan of the monitored cycle; however he decided to give it a few more days and told me to step it up to 2 estrogen patches and come back in on Friday.

Yesterday I went back.

The lining has shrunk. Just by 0.1mm so not a lot (and that may even be within a reasonable “margin of error”/variation of measurement between scans), but ultimately what the lining has not done is grow. Despite the amount of estrogen I’ve been on these last 2 week scuppering my weight loss attempts (water retention?) and blowing my belly up like a balloon it just hasn’t worked.

It seems that the lining of my uterus just can’t grow. It’s basically done what it does naturally, grow to a certain point and then stop. Adding the meds has made it about 1mm thicker than it got naturally but thats it.

Mr E has said we don’t try to grow it anymore. Now I need to start taking Norethisterone (progesterone) to induce a “period” and end the cycle. There will be no more scans.

The appointment yesterday was just for a scan and not a consultation, so it was really short. I was quite shell shocked afterwards and we didn’t discuss much. Obviously the doctor said need to have a conversation and I will have a telephone consultation on Sunday to talk it through; but ultimately I think he’s going to say it’s a no go. 😢😢

5 thoughts on “It didn’t work 😭 (monitored cycle pt 2)

  1. Oh Wannabe Mama I am SO SO sorry. What a huge disappointment, especially as it seemed to have been making some progress. I am sending you the biggest hug. I hope you get some answers when you have the phone call. I also really hope that they have other suggestions for things to try. Sending you so much love x x x

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